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Queer Me!

In Uncategorized on Februar 10, 2009 at 1:41 am
Queer Space

Queer Space

Short and sweet. Because we have to start somewhere. Some quick thoughts and propositions on „queer“:

1. Queer is about more than sex. Much more.

2. Queer is perhaps more adequately a verb than an adjective, even though we use it as adjective, too. Why? Because queer recognizes that we use adjectives and nouns to identify and classify actions, persons, practices, situations, desires, things, and just about everything, but queering has very much to do with loosening the tight grips that identitarian thinking has on us.

3. Queering is not subversion for subversion’s sake. It’s about bodies, desires, and lives that are marginalized, that struggle for survival, that are exposed to violence everyday on the basis of how they desire, love, and inhabit their body.

4. To be straight doesn’t mean that that one can’t live queer.

5. Queer without critically thinking gender becomes anemic, just as queer without thinking about sexuality and desire becomes too unspecific.

6. What are the most important concerns for queer activism and theory today where you are?

7. What is the translation for „queer“ in your language? How often does it come up in everyday conversations at your workplace, school, among your friends, your family? Other situations?

Tell us!